Send a shout-out to a person who gave you some great #LifeAdvice!

We all have received #LifeAdvice that has made life easier, has changed our perspective on something or has influenced the decisions that we’ve made. It has come from parents, friends, professors and many other people in our network.


Why not send some of those people a shout-out to thank them today?


  1. Pick a person in your network on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  2. Send them a quick shout-out
  3. Encourage that person pay it forward and give someone in their network a shout-out

For example:


Twitter Example 1 Twitter example 2


Facebook example

Still need a bit more inspiration? Watch Layton’s shout-out!

It really is that easy!  Let’s start off the holidays with a wave of thankfulness!

Who will you send your first shout-out to?